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Tesla Light Shows USB - 9 Songs

Tesla Light Shows USB - 9 Songs

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Free Shipping! Custom USB Light Show: Because Your Tesla Isn't Just a Car, It's a Party on Wheels

Introducing the Custom USB Light Show from TeslaMod.Shop - the ultimate way to show off your Tesla and, let's be honest, make everyone else jealous. Who needs a regular car when you can have a mobile discotheque, right?

What's In This Little Magic Stick:

  • Michael Jackson / Thriller: Bring back the '80s and possibly cause a zombie apocalypse in your driveway.
  • Back to the Future / Theme Music: Time travel not included, but we're pretty sure this will make you feel like Marty McFly.
  • Barbie Girl "In a Barbie World": Life in plastic, it's fantastic! Especially when your Tesla's lights sync to it.
  • James Bond / Theme Music: Instantly turn your Tesla into a spy car. Tuxedo and martinis not included.
  • Star Wars Imperial March: Because sometimes, you just need to embrace your inner Sith Lord.
  • Super Mario Brothers: Relive your childhood, minus the frustration of never beating that one level.
  • Sandstorm: For when you want to rave, but you're stuck in traffic.
  • Bonus Broken Down Engine Prank Sound: Fool your friends, entertain yourself. It's a win-win!
  • Surprise Song!

Simply plug this USB into your Tesla, and voila! Instant entertainment. Whether you're trying to impress a date or just entertain yourself and your dog, this Custom USB Light Show is your ticket to the coolest Tesla on the block.

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